thank you for your interest and yes, we do like to inform you about our mission and will tell

you on the following pages about our history and our motivation.

the Maaike-Joyce Foundation is an equityfund that provide loans and financial supports and

make scholarships available for the secondary education of students in less fortunate countries.
our Foundation is a private initiative and therefore small with very short lines and therefore

students will be closely monitored. our budget is limited by the fruits (results) of the yearly

revenues of the moneytree (our capital). 

reserves are built up every year to have a solid and long-lasting coverage of the costs of

education for each student.

please inform yourself furtheron this website about our roots and our plans. and be so kind

to contact us if you feel a connection with us to go for the same goal. any support, exchange

ideas or suggestions are very welcome.

"nothing is impossible for those who really want it", right?

thank you for your attention.


Jacques W.G. Struik

to allow children to study or to continue studying on a permanent basis is our objective

the Maaike-Joyce Foundation
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